Isildur1 Finally Reveals His True Identity
10/01/2011, Online poker

Isildur1, the Swedish high stakes online poker player drew a considerable attention in the poker world in the last couple of years.

The player entered the online poker scene in October 2009, taking part in all ten of the largest pots in online poker history, but he kept a huge mystery regarding his true identity, although many suspected his name was Viktor Bloom. On the 8th of January, Isildur1 has finally revealed the truth at the Caribbean Adventure tournament in the Bahamas.

In December 2010, Isildur1 has decided to leave Full Tilt Poker and joined Team PokerStars Pro. PokerStars had then released a statement in which it promised that Isildur1's identity would be unveiled at the PCA event, where he would play in a 100-hand $25/$50 live heads-up match against Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier.
“I think a lot of people have known for a long time who I really am, so it doesn’t make a big difference to me. But when I signed for PokerStars I felt like it was the right time to reveal my identity,” Bloom said.

“Somehow in the span of a few years, the young man has managed to find an almost unparalleled poker fame without once giving his name to the media. He's won, lost, and won millions again in the biggest pots in online poker history,” Brad Willis of PokerStars said.
“There were many people who pegged Blom for the man behind the online avatar, but 100% confirmation of Isildur1's true identity was near impossible. If the media approached him, they were summarily rebuffed. Blom simply didn't see any benefit in seeking out fame. He was playing a game he loved, and if he could remain in the shadows, he was fine with that.”

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