Blackjack Card Counting Strategy
18/12/2009, Game rules
The Card Counting in Blackjack is a very advanced strategy, based on a mathematical system.
It requires excellent ability to memorize because the player needs to keep the track of every card dealt from the deck. Then, the player should be able to guess which cards are still left to be played.

The player should have at least minimum knowledge of the mathematical distribution of the deck and then he will be able to change, or to apply his personal strategy during the game.
Most of the card counting systems start with a count of 0, while keeping track of all the cards that are dealt to every player and to the dealer.

The simplest cards counting strategy is to learn the values of the cards. Aces and 10-value cards, which include kings, queens, jacks and tens, worth -1; the twos, threes, fours, fives and sixes worth +1; and sevens, eights and nines worth 0.
Add the entire deck of cards in this manner and you will see that the final value is 0.

When the card count is positive, the player should know there have been more smaller cards played and the deck has a higher percentage of larger cards.
If the deck has a high percentage of larger cards, the player has several different advantages and he should increase his bets because the cards will be in his favor.
You will have better chances of getting Blackjack when 10 to Ace predominate in the deck of cards. It's time to double up your bets.

When the card count is high, it means that:
the player will be dealt more blackjack;
the player will be dealt stronger and higher starting hands;
the dealer will must more often.

When the count cards starts to drop and it becomes neutral or even negative, the player should bet smaller amounts because the house has higher advantage. So, if the card count is low, there are more low cards remaining and this will give the advantage to the dealer.
This card counting system tells you what are the cards predominantly remaining in the deck.
Never forget to continue the card counting! Stay focused!

According to the latest laws and regulations, card counting is not illegal in a land-based casino, as long as you don't use any counting devices such as computers and electronics.
However, most of the casinos do not allow card counters to play at their tables and since casinos are private properties, they have full authority and they will ask you to leave.

Once you were rejected from a casino because of this method, you will definitely not be permitted to return and other casinos might exclude you as well.
Most of the casinos have continuously made efforts to prevent this type of cheating and they introduced different strategies such as shuffling more often, adding several decks and other technologies for detecting the card counters.
And, according to some analysts, the card counting strategy will soon be history thanks to a new card counter detector, invented in the United Kingdom.

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